TIP #1 : Disco is a look that can always be recycled

Just the mention of Bianca Jagger’s name triggers the image of her perched on top of a white horse inside Studio 54.
However, it’s not what she partied in at the New York City hotspot that we’re talking about here. Instead, it’s the sequin-covered ruby dress that she wore to the Met Gala in 1974 when the theme was “Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design”. She topped off her ensemble with a matching beret and to this day the look is nothing short of cool or modern. A sparkly dress will always serve you well for events and can instantly boost your mood, too.

We recommend that if you’re buying a new one, search for brands who use recycled PET sequins, sourced from innovators like The Sustainable Sequin Company. We love a glitzy dress, but not if it’s covered in up to 200,000 pieces of new plastic.

TIP #2 : Borrow from the boys

It’s almost impossible to choose a favourite snapshot of Bianca wearing a great blazer or pant-suit. She certainly has an eye for tailoring – and accessories, but we’ll come onto that next.
A well-made blazer is something that you’ll always feel good in and can be slipped on over everything from a slip dress to your trusty (hopefully organic cotton) T-shirt and jeans. Choose one that’s cut from a durable fabric and in a colour that you truly love. Over the years, it’ll be easy to mend or upcycle with new buttons or a fresh lining.
Take a cue from Bianca and opt for a double-breasted style with a padded shoulder, or look for styles with unique flourishes like frilled cuffs, exaggerated lapels or an interesting pattern.

Look at blazers by Stella McCartney (sustainable fabrics) or sustainable denim by Re/Done for Levis (reconstructed from Levi’s vintage denim).

TIP #3 : Don’t be afraid of statement accessory

If you’re already following the sustainable fashion expert’s advice to shop less and stick to things that can be worn over 30 times, the trick to stopping your outfits from feeling a bit stale is to have some great accessories on hand that’ll instantly jazz them up.
Over the years, Bianca has favoured everything from hats and hair wraps to crystal-encrusted chokers.

You could even try a metallic shoe, like the silver or gold ‘Zag’ Babouche slipper from our Liwan collaboration!

TIP #4 : Get married in something special that you can wear again

When Bianca wed The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger in Saint-Tropez, she was dressed for the occasion by Yves Saint Laurent.
The bride famously wore a white tuxedo jacket with a long, narrow skirt and a wide-brimmed hat. Though it doesn’t have to be a tailored suit that you plump for, the beauty of a two-piece like Bianca’s is that both items can easily be worn again and styled in different ways.
By default, classic wedding gowns aren’t sustainable as they’ll only be out of the garment bag once and are often constructed using swathes of fabrics that need a lot of energy to produce.
The rise in online searches for ‘pre-owned’ or ‘vintage’ wedding dresses displays a positive change in shopping habits and could also be an option if your heart is set on something more elaborate, fuller or embellished.

Francine Heath is a contributor to THEFORWARDLAB.
London-based product editor and sustainable fashion journalist who advocates conscious consumerism and loves discovering those who are determined to drive change and create a better fashion future. She’s previously written articles for British Vogue, Eco-Age, Refinery 29, Mr Porter and i-D.